Super Sized July…..Game of Thrones Style

For this entire month we’ve got a super awesome setup for you guys.  Matt and Jen have decided to take on the history of Game of Thrones, with a big focus on the Great Houses (which if you’ve seen the season finale, you’ll know they’ve gone down quite a few numbers).  We will even show you our favorite death scenes along with a wrap up and final thoughts.

Enjoy this first one while we delve into the history and House Targaryen.  FIRE AND BLOOD my friends.

How Not to Celebrate American Independence…..Plus SUPER SIZED NEWS FOR JULY

Matt and Jen want to give you a message.  For all you Colonial’s out there (say’s Jen’s British half) Be careful and enjoy your holiday.

Stay tuned for our REAL Episode that start’s a July Extravaganza, but you need to watch the video to see what is going to be so bloody awesome!!!!!

Brace Yourself…..

We pushed back a week to make sure you got how much Warcraft meant to us and that we wanted to get it out to as soon as Matt and our guest Mica saw it to get all the right feels and thoughts.

With that said, Now onto what is coming for July.  Winter is coming as well as a whole month of videos all about the great houses of Game of Thrones.  Begun before the season even ended we tasked ourselves with a huge topic to make sure you had 2 episodes a week for the entire month, finalizing it with out thoughts on the season finale and a bunch of cool ones, including our favorite deaths.

So be prepared



2nd part of Warcraft Discussion

Our Special guest Mica joins us for our discussion after they have just gotten out of seeing Warcraft so we’re raring to go. Enjoy and I hope as WoW fans (like Matt and Mica) and fantasy fans (like Jen) you’ll have a better take on our suggestions and thoughts.

Get prepared for the discussion

Part two is going to be rolling out soon enough and you’re not going to want to miss it. Matt, Jen, and guest Mica sit doen to discuss the movie Warcraft.  
Jen’s history with Warcraft is actually very limited, only knowing about the world through friends and the excitement of watching something high fantasy.
Matt has a much more extensive history going back years playing World of Warcraft and now he runs his own guild. 
You’re not going to want to miss it. 

Part 2 of Warcraft will be Thursday, June 30th.